Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Am NOT Perky!!!

I am not Stepford pleasant. At times, I am thrilled by the simplest things. At others, annoyed. When I’ve been too busy to breathe for an extended period and then everything ends at once, I feel lost and let down. I crash. I have occasional honestly bad days. I rarely reach out for moral support but when I do, no amount of telling me to suck it up will make restore my peace of mind. What is required is a hug, either physical or through words.

I am sensitive enough for my feelings to be hurt briefly by a thoughtless comment made by a friend yet thick-skinned enough to know it was unintentional and to let it go, no discussion necessary. I am more hurt by a supposed friend who never calls though invited to repeatedly. Even though I try to live by the basic Do No Harm philosophy, I am sure I’ve stepped on plenty of toes over the years. For those I didn’t immediately realize, I apologize.

One of the most difficult things for me to do is ask for help of any kind so when I do it’s because I truly need it. Recently, I asked an individual for some car advice. Having my questions ignored entirely has me thinking twice about ever doing so again. Perhaps it is wrong for me to feel this way but I do. Why? Simply because I’m human. But you are too. So accept me as I am with all my quirks and flaws and in return, I’ll do the same for you.


Amarinda Jones said...

Ok...so what bastard called you perky? Do you need me to hunt them down for you?

Dakota Rebel said...

I don't even like the word "perky." It sounds like a disease. Ick.

I will always verbally hug you. Any time you need it, and sometimes if you don't. :)

How's mouse doing? I hope he is sleeping longer for you.


Kelly Kirch said...


Anonymous said...

Sending big bear hugs your way Barb.

Anny Cook said...

Hug? Hug! Hug.....zzzzz.