Sunday, April 6, 2008

And a Good Time was had by All

Or at least I think so. I had fun. I guess we'll have to wait to see if JK comments on whether or not he did too.

We started out with conversation over chai and coffee followed by a wander through Barnes & Noble. Interesting how dissimilar our reading tastes are. Even so we still found plenty to talk about.

After that we went to Uno for lunch, a yummy deepdish pepperoni pizza, and more discussion of this, that, and everything else. Will we meet up again? I think so. I'm very glad we did today because now I have a voice and expressions to add to our future on-line chats.

Today's nautical tidbit - Captain Harley tells me stops due to inclement weather are at the disgression of the captain and frieghter schedules have a certain amout built in, just in case they're needed. Yesterday he was docked in Costa Rica waiting out some nasty rain. Next up, the Panama Canal. I'm sure I'm much more excited about that than he is.

Okay, playtime is over. Time to get back to the story I'm attempting to revise. This one might be too sweet for me but we'll see once it's finished.


Amarinda Jones said...

I am glad you had a good time. I am sure JK is a gentlemen and will comment on the blog as enquiring (nosey) people need to know

Kelly Kirch said...

Yes we must know about JK. Go on, Mr. Man, we need details. We love our Barb and must determine if you are worthy of her.

Panama Canal!!! I'm SO jealous right now.

(just so you know, I'm a wee bit nervous at the moment. Your word verification says "victmn" and I REALLY don't want to be one at the moment.)

Anny Cook said...

Yay, I glad you had a good time. And Uno pizza. Gooooood.

Molly Daniels said...

Hurray for you! I told you you would have a good time!

So....what's he look like, is he tall, did you kiss him? Spill!

jk said...

You are a nosey bunch :)
Yes, I to had a very good time and was glad that the opportunity came and that it was accepted. I hope that it will present itself a little more often than once a year. Time will tell.
We had a very nice talk about many subjects. Dissimilar tastes in books and foods as I found out later chatting on the computer are not a problem. That is why there are so many choices. And what makes things interesting too.
Any other information will have to come from Barb. I never kiss and tell!

Dakota Rebel said...

OOH..... Kissing and telling. Your Sunday sounds WAY better than mine!


Amarinda Jones said...

Thank you JK...we are nosey yet loveable

barbara huffert said...

Yes you are as nosey as you are loveable and I wouldn't change you for anything in the world!

Nope, not kissing and telling either. :)

Kelly Kirch said...

Just as well JK, cause we don't really need Barb's kissing technique. heh.

I hear education lilting upon your words. Excellent. Barb deserves the very best. Rather like a hallmark card.