Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why is It?

Why do people speak so loudly when you’re within feet of each other and there is nothing else going on in the room to distract you?

Why do these same people invade your personal space while acting as if they’re about to whisper when they could, in fact, be heard in the next block over a jack hammer in the street?

Why do people in groups all talk at once, each getting louder and louder in order to overpower the rest rather than taking turns so all can be heard?

Why do some events in life inspire you to write bad poetry while others do not?

Why do people repeat themselves when you’ve already heard them the first six times and had no interest to begin with?

Why do people share every last bit of a perfect stranger’s life with you when it’s obvious that you could care less?

Why do people explain things to you in intricate detail when one, you haven’t asked and two, you’re not an idiot and can understand with the minimum amount of facts?

Why do clueless people think they know everything and insist they are correct when everyone, including themselves, knows they have no idea what they’re talking about?

Why do people lose it over the silliest, most inconsequential things that don’t even register in the overall scheme of their lives?

Why do people answer rhetorical questions?

Why do people who know you honestly care about them shut you out when they need you the most?


Amarinda Jones said...

And just how long is a piece of string?

Kelly Kirch said...

Why do people answer with "I know" when they honestly have no idea.