Friday, April 18, 2008

Lesson Three

Today I learned how to crack a safe with a telephone handset. Both have to be pre-digital in order for this to work. Actually I think all I’d be able to manage would be a standard locker in a typical high school.

More interestingly, I can bypass a security system that requires a thumbprint to release the lock. Now what I’ll be doing trying to get into a secure facility in the first place I have yet to figure out but I’ll let you know should the need ever come up.

I also read about how to pick a simple lock with my Swiss Army knife and a paperclip. I may practice this later in case I ever lock myself out of my own house. I’m sure I’ll entertain the neighborhood with this one. It never fails. Whenever I’m doing something questionable, someone always walks by. Living in a medium-sized city you think people would just keep on going, right? Wrong. In my block, they ask. Even those who don’t live here. Of course I won’t be able to resist telling them. I bet within 12 minutes I’ll have an audience. That’s about how long it usually takes the neighbors to congregate whenever I’m doing something they view as odd.

Hm, this book is almost finished. I’ll have to pick out something new for next week’s lunchtime entertainment. Any requests?


Amarinda Jones said...

I must buy this book amd will haunt booksellers in Oz for it.

Requests for a blog you mean? Controversial or nice? Or do you mean a book to buy? Please be specific for the woman with the artificial red hair.

barbara huffert said...

If you can't find it let me know and I'll send you a copy. I got mine at Amazon.

Blog requests, any topic. Of course I may or may not accept them but I'd like suggestions anyway. You must be getting tired of hearing what I do at lunch every day.

Amarinda Jones said...

no, not tired at all...I waffle on abotu nothign myself so I enjoy that artform