Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gypped Again

I must have seriously pissed off the weather gods. First, no winter. I love winter. I'm sure I've mentioned that before. Now, only a few days of spring and straight to summer. I hate summer. It's 85 freaking degrees here today. It's only April. This is just ridiculous! But Harry is loving it. He's out on the porch in a sunbeam as I write this. I was out with him at 8:30 this morning. Then it got too hot for me so I decided to go out into the world and do my Saturday errands.

I needed to take my car for a drive anyway. I figured out that it is much happier when it gets to go places. I live in the city and work only a few blocks from home. Going there and back I never make it out of second gear. Last week I was off for a few days and went all sorts of places. The check engine light went out and stayed out until last night after a full week of stop and go driving. So this morning my car and I went off in one direction to pick up a few things and then all the way in the other direction, to my mom's. Along the way I used 4 out of 5 gears, let my zippy little car, a champagne-colored Saab 900, go much too fast as it tends to do, did not get stopped for speeding, something I'm always a bit concerned about, and cleaned out whatever value or gizmo is getting gunked up. While at my mom's I washed it so now it's really happy. I guess I'll have to plan weekly outings to keep it that way.

This is the second car I've owned that seems to heal itself. I truly like that feature in a car. No, they don't list that with the other features. It's more a feeling you have to pick up when searching for a car. I suspected this one might have it. It was so strong I didn't even bother to test drive it. I sat in it and that was enough for me. That was something the boys at the car lot simply didn't understand, not driving it first. That's okay. I did and that's really all that matters. I didn't test drive the last car that liked me either. Why change things that work?

Wow, I'm rambling today. I think my point was spring and how pretty the flowering trees were everywhere I was today. I'm glad I went out and about since it's so hot that they won't last. Yep, I think that was it. What did you do today?


Amarinda Jones said...

I get the whole car thing. When I saw my car Ida - dark red Holden Astra - don't believe you have the make there - I knew that was the car for me.

Much prefer summer. We are heading into winter already and I am getting cold and cranky

LynTaylor said...

Rain, rain and more rain here at the moment. So I'm stuck in the house with two bored kids. Yay for me.

Getting cold which is nice. Unlike AJ, I'm a winter girl :D Can't stand the humidity and heat of Summer.

I'm thinking of making some home made butter today. Yes, things are desperate. I might even blog about it LOL!

barbara huffert said...

You make butter? Seriously? You have got to be kidding. Why would you do that? Is it flavored?

Amarinda Jones said...

Yes, I have yes finished writing on Lyn's blog how insane she is. Please support me in this home made butter madness of hers.