Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Have a Theory

But first, today was the PA primary. I was voter #179 out of a possible 950 at 5:00. Sad but not the worst it's been, especially in a primary.

My friend Neeley lives in a big city. She doesn’t have a car and walks to and from work and school every day. Her round trip is just under 5 miles. Since she’s such a busy girl there are many days when the only chance we have to talk is during her commute. She’s very impressive, able to carry on a conversation while toting her school books, laptop, and anything else she might need for the day as she hikes along at a brisk pace.

The other day she was tired and had more than usual in her bag so she commented that she would hop on the bus when the proper one approached. In the meantime, she set off to her next destination. As I was lounging comfortably on the sofa at the time, I felt the need to tease her about how if she did that I’d miss out on my vicarious exercise for the day. After lovingly calling me a bitch, Neeley proceeded to hike the entire way. By the time she arrived her legs were burning and she was puffing pretty heavily.

Thus my theory. If I am on the phone while she exercises I should get half the benefit. I could hear in her voice what a workout she was having. I could imagine exactly how she felt. It only seems right that since I suffered through it with her, I should be entitled to share in the results.

Along the same line, I’ve started speaking with my friend, Evan when he does his upper body workouts. I feel his work on my arms and abs will compliment Neeley’s efforts on my buns and legs quite nicely.

I wonder how long it will take for my friends to provide me with a bod to die for. Hm, it’s getting to be summer and I need all the help I can get. Perhaps some of you could pitch in. AJ, Molly, I know you walk too. Please give me a call next time your out there. It would be nice to have a change of scenery for my walks.


Molly Daniels said...

Sure, if I could ever get a cell phone! I was promised one earlier, but it hasn't shown up yet...

Amarinda Jones said...

950 possibly voters? That's pathetic...what's wrong with people?

Excercise is pukable but sure, come walk with me, we can scare off dogs and lunatics together

Amarinda Jones said...

...by the way...I forget to mention I like your theory...I may adopt it

Anny Cook said...

I always wondered who all those people were talking to when they walked. Now I know. We'll have the couch potato crisis whipped in no time.

Brynn Paulin said...

I've been walking too, but no one needs to hear me on the phone while I'm chugging out my five miles. I've got walkin' music programmed into my mp3 player.

When we had the michigan primary, I was voter 15 at my location...in the middle of the afternoon.

Neeley said...

You know I call you a bitch in the most loving way possible! But you'd be swearing at people if you'd also worked a full day and then some and were on your way to class for 4 hours, quiz included, likely without dinner until 11pm. Tuesdays are bad days! At least next week is the last one.

But you know I'll help you out with vicarious exercise anytime... although I won't have much excuse for walking soon, and I can't bring myself to be one of those bitches who talks on her cell phone in the gym. =D