Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Am My Own Aggravation

Don't laugh. Seriously. Do. Not. Laugh. See the image at the right? Can you guess what it is? Oh come now, you're all creative individuals. Surely you know what that is. No? Why my new website of course. Yep, that's as far as I've gotten and the truth is I didn't create it myself. My friend D did it for me. She took a web design class a few semesters ago and used me as her class project. Got an excellent grade I might add.

And then she put it on a cd so I would have it for when I changed my site next time I have a book coming out. That would be Beyond Meddling from Total-E-Bound tomorrow. Well, something obviously got lost in the translation. I think it may be me because I have files and files of all the images and text and cute little buttons to click and links and everything else that was on the pages when D showed me what she did. Wish you could have seen it. It was really great.

Only problem is I am admittedly the biggest techno-moron you'll ever find. I know everything's there. I just can't get it to hop from the files she gave me to the pretty varigated pink pages I set up. Hey, quit snickering. I'll have you know it only took a day and a half to make the four pages I want. I even have the tabs approriately labelled. Now if only I could get the rest into the proper position I'd be all set. Hopefully, she'll read this and take pity on me. Bet she could have it set up in no time.

YAY!!! The Penguins just scored again. It's now 3-0 with just over half the game to go. When they win today they're in the finals!

Thank goodness for the Pens. My other project for the day isn't going all that much better than my website. I'm tweaking a story I wrote a little bit ago. The characters appeared back in my head which told me it's their turn again. I was cruising along, foolishly thinking piece of cake when I hit a scene with so much head-hopping it's making me dizzy. And now they aren't being cooperative. Silly people like it the way it is. They want you to know what they're both thinking. They don't seem to care that it's a tad bit confusing and doesn't flow. Neither will concede and step back to let the other dictate the moment. I'm finding this somewhat odd since they are both truly nice people, generally kind and considerate. Perhaps it's because they're getting hot and heavy and they're worried that you'll miss something. Both are a little too excited to be reasonable. Hm, maybe I'll leave it go for now and sneak back later when they're resting.

Ooh it's now 4-0!!!

So what are you up to on this now sunny Sunday afternoon?


Ashley Ladd said...

When I knew very little about how to do Front Page for my website, someone made me a great website design. But I had no clue how to post it. I felt terrible. I can't find it now or I would. It probably got lost when my computer crashed. :(

Anny Cook said...

What am I up to? Head hopping with a three-some. More fun that way...

Amarinda Jones said...

I can totally see a website there - no really I can - it's fantastic...and yeah I may have laughed...just a bit

'So happy your penquin people won...I was worried about that all day long at work. I could barely focus

barbara huffert said...

Yes, my Pens won, 6-0. On to the finals! AJ, I'll try to contain myself...don't want to interfere with your work again. :)

The website is progressing. Perhaps not as designed by D but progressing.

Molly Daniels said...

Glad I'm not the only techno-challenged person on the planet!

Go Penguins:)

Ashley Ladd said...

Congrats on your new book release today. It sounds great. Many happy sales and reviews.

Kelly Kirch said...

Exactly why I use a service to cheaply work through my technocrap.