Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Think...

…I must have developed a stutter without noticing it myself. All day, while attempting to have conversations of any kind the universal response has been “Huh?” Wait. There was one exception…the Fed-Ex hottie but that’s another blog.

For example, I answered the phone, “Good afternoon, XYZ Company.” The response, “Is this XYZ Company?” If it happens again tomorrow, and it will, I’m going to say, “No, this is XYZ Company.” Or how about, “No I’m sorry. I can’t give out any information” followed by “I just want to know…” The one that really got me was the answer to “She used to wear her hair in braids, didn’t she?” which was “I think T’s sister is married to her ex-husband.”

And I think others have decided I’m losing my hearing. They insist on yelling when I’m only a few feet away. Um, no, I can hear perfectly fine. I’m just ignoring them. Guess they haven’t figured that one out yet.

Additionally, I am apparently simple-minded now too. Really there is no need to repeat yourself eighteen times when speaking to me. When I acknowledge whatever has been said the first six times I generally remember it. And yes, I do know Yale is a university and not just a mispronunciation of “jail”.

On a happier note, I know have two fat and sassy squirrels that come play outside my window while I’m working. Amazing what watching them frolic does for my morale.


Amarinda Jones said...

"the Fed-Ex hottie but that’s another blog." What? I want to know now!!!

Dakota Rebel said...

Congrats on your Penguins victory last night. I was waiting for a happy email from you, but it never came. :(

As for Fed Ex Hottie, we have a DHL one at our work. My boss and I go out to smoke at 3:15 every afternoon to watch him unload his packages. It's a nice sight to see.


Molly Daniels said...

Penguins won? Yay...I caught the halftime show, and when we left our friends' house, they were up 2-zip. What was the final score?