Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My website got a makeover yesterday. It wasn’t really planned nor did I do it but I am very happy with it so click here and go take a look.

How did it happen? No, my computer has not developed a mind of its own and tapped into my thoughts. Well, not about that anyway. There may be other things but that’s a different blog.

It was my good friend and fellow author, Taylor Tryst. We were chatting about her just updating her own website and I mentioned that I too would like a new look but am such a techno moron I dreaded the mere thought of it. She asked what I had in mind. I said something completely different, maybe shades of gray, perhaps flannel-looking, with gargoyles since I was really getting tired of my pink and purple with flowers.

Why gargoyles you wonder? Um, they’re scattered all over my house so it seemed only natural they extend to my website too. I sent her a few examples and the next thing I know I had a whole set of new pages. Did you look? Isn’t it just spectacular? What’s even more amazing is that the incredible Taylor did all that in less than a day and turned it over in a state that I may actually be able to maintain it on my own. And she had fun doing it! Is she not the coolest?


Anny Cook said...

Ooooh. I DO like it. Change is good sometimes!

Anonymous said...


You never ask anyone for anything and it was my absolute pleasure. We make a great team!

Hugs and congrats on your new release.

Luv' ya',