Monday, April 13, 2009

So Evil

Last night after I was finished lounging on the porch I decided to lounge inside and watch the Sound of Music for the 104th time. Relaxing, harmless entertainment, right?

Uh, nope. All was fine until about half hour in when I saw a commercial for the new Dairy Queen Blizzard. Midnight Truffle. The description, straight from their website – “Rich truffle pieces blended with dark, decadent cocoa fudge and creamy vanilla soft serve.” Need I say more?

Oh my God how I wanted one! Only yesterday, as you know, was Easter so I was SOL. Damn! I propose that commercials for such wicked things only be shown during hours when they are readily available. Otherwise it’s just plain cruel to torture us like that, flashing pictures in front of us with no way to get to one. Evil bastards.

You’ll be pleased to know by the time I was heading home today the desperate need to indulge had passed…barely. They better not show that damn commercial again tonight. I have things to do and there’s not enough time for a trip to Dairy Queen. No, really there’s not. Repeat after me – I do not need a Midnight Truffle Blizzard. I do NOT need a Midnight Truffle Blizzard. I DO NOT NEED A MIDNIGHT TRUFFLE BLIZZARD!!! No, but I sure as hell still want one.

1 comment:

Anny Cook said...

Of course you need one. I on the other hand am not much tempted because the closest DQ is about three hours away...