Monday, November 16, 2009

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I finally managed to stop coughing last night enough to get comfortable and was almost asleep when I heard the beep. You know the one I’m talking about. The low battery smoke alarm beep.

I laid there and swore for a moment, listening just in case I imagined it. Nope, it was really chirping. Around one I decided I’d had enough and needed to make it stop. I got up, turning on the light which I despise doing in the middle of the night. I know where things are in my house so I don’t usually bother but for this, I had to. I was pleased to discover I did have a spare 9 volt battery. Must remember to get more at the store next weekend.

Off I went in search of the beeping alarm. I started in the basement. It was faint so I guessed that was where it would be. Felt like an idiot standing around willing one of the two units down there to beep at me so I could switch batteries and crawl back into bed. Wasn’t one of them so I went upstairs and waited. Not that one either. I had been positive it wasn’t coming from the ones on the second floor. It wasn’t nearly loud enough but up I trudged to check them. Nope. Lying in bed I would have sworn it wasn’t coming from the attic either but I had been coughing so maybe my perception was skewed. Yeah, that one didn’t make a peep while I was glaring at it.

I was on my way back to bed, ready to turn on the radio so I couldn’t hear it when it beeped a series of times. Nothing like having smoke alarms mess with you in the middle of the night, is there? I repeated the whole process and still couldn’t determine which one was acting up so I flopped down beside the cats who by then had sprawled out in my spot and asked them to point to the right one. Never hurts to try since I’m sure it was annoying them too.

I heard it again. Coming from the open window. It was my neighbor’s, not mine. And she, naturally, is getting old and no longer hears that range so it wasn’t disturbing her sleep. Figures. Damn thing.

I haven’t heard it tonight so I’m hoping one of her kids visited today and took care of it. Or maybe it’s just waiting for me to go to bed before it starts making noise again. Yeah, that sounds more likely.

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Anny Cook said...

Argh! We had one that went on forever until the apartment people gave us a new one! Good luck!