Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Review

I got the yummiest review for Questing from Night Owl Romance. 4.5/5 Hearts! Thank you for naming it a Reviewer's Top Pick, Melinda.

Kiley Fisher is in love. The problem is she has not spoken a word to her love interest. You see Jordan McKade has been in her restaurant for four months just eating…not talking to her. She has fallen in love with his voice. Something about it just makes her all in lust and feeling wild. Yet Kiley knows that it would be crazy to date. Everytime she comes near to talking to him she shakes with nerves. So it comes as a surprise that one night she ends up in his house. Not wanting to leave she is shocked by the deep feelings Jordan has for her. Someone wants her for themselves and she is determined to stay alive. The thing is that the feelings and chemistry Jordan is throwing at her is scaring her. Though they have known each other for around four months she doesn’t really know Jordan McKade. When things start getting tough can she trust Jordan with her heart?

Jordan McKade has found his woman. The thing is that he has not said a word to her. Falling in love from afar is terrible but when he gets a chance to be with her he is nervous as a teenager on his first date. Something about Kiley brings out all the possessiveness in him as well as his passion. Jordan knows it is too soon to show his feelings towards her but he has wanted her since like forever. Kiley is sexy, passionate, and beautiful and the most stubborn woman he has ever known. He knows they belong together but she is weary of risking her heart on a man. Can Jordan convince his Kiley that they belong together for their love is a unique one that only comes once in a lifetime?

Oh my god I loved this book by Barbara Huffert. I really enjoyed this tale as it had a man who already new who his heart belong to…he just had to convince her of the same thing. I loved that Kiley was a shy woman and not sure of what love is, which scares her when Jordan meets her. The fact that he comes everyday is one step of showing her that his love is real and not a joke. You can tell their love for each other right away and it was a great love to read about.

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