Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today's Assortment

I was merrily on my way to work this morning when I passed an official looking seatbelt check sign. My first thought was that they had to be kidding. They couldn’t seriously be stopping everyone on their way to work. They weren’t. A seatbelt check in Reading consists of a cop peering at passersby as he sits in his car with the lights flashing. I suppose he’ll take off after anyone he sees without a seatbelt who’s ignored the sign. I’m safe of that one. I always wear mine.

Health alert – Dried brown wakame seaweed, a heaping teaspoon a day, will help lower your blood pressure. The theory is that is binds to the sodium in your stomach to prevent absorption. If you have a problem with crunching on dried seaweed, try kudzu root extract. A brief study done on rats showed it reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and insulin levels. Puerarin, the nutritional element in the root may help prevent spikes in blood sugar.

Happy to report last night’s dreams were silly, not scary. I spent my non-awake time playing Chinese checkers with Kya. She won but she cheated so I’ve filed a protest. To move, she wrapped her tail around the marbles. She also batted them with her paws at the same time, shifting more than one marble on each turn. I guess I wasn’t supposed to notice that. When I woke up she was curled up against my cheek, grinning as only cats can. I suspect she had the same dream.

A tidbit for those of you who might overindulge during the holidays. Asparagus has been shown to reduce the effects of alcohol and ease hangovers. A study has shown that asparagus suppressed free radicals within the liver and more than doubled the activity of two enzymes that metabolize alcohol.

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Hah. I can see Kya playing!