Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am a happy girl. I ordered me new Crocs. Furry kids Crocs for winter. Ha! I discovered this particular style comes in junior sizes and yep, you guessed it. I have junior size feet. That’s how I had blinky shoes back when there were around too. You’re jealous now, aren’t you?

I know. I’m easily entertained. Not necessarily a bad thing as I see it.

Kinda along the same line only different, the Pike now serves the full menu plus specials on wing nights. That means I can have knife and fork food any time I feel like it. When I don’t want to cook it myself, I mean. Yes, I can cook. I cook quite well actually. It’s just lately I haven’t felt like bothering. Why should I when I can go for a short stroll and have all sorts of yummy choices for a very reasonable amount and have it made for me with no dishes to do when I’m finished? Ooh. Perhaps I shouldn’t be telling you this. You all might invade and then there won’t be room for me. Hmm, if you do come, save me a spot, would ya please? They have ultra nummy pumpkin spice cake in honor of the upcoming holidays right now. Un huh. You’re on the way, I can tell.

Kya’s decided that the toy mice need to learn to swim. She keeps dropping them in the water bowl and then sitting there, waiting for them to do something besides sink. Silly cat. She’s as easily entertained as I am but at least I’m not sitting there watching with her. I wait until I hear several splashes and then I go rescue them. Do you think perhaps I’m her entertainment, not the mice?

It’s almost cookie baking season. Don’t get any ideas here. I’m not the one doing the baking although I am capable of that as well. I have absolutely no ingredients and I’ve discovered it’s much easier to wander over to Riley’s house and keep her kidlettes company while they bake. It’s a lot of fun and they’re very sweet, sending home a tin of cookies with me. Eva May’s family bakes too and I’m way overdue for a visit there. Yep, I admit it. I’m shameless when it comes to cookies. Good thing my friends are so indulgent.


Amber Skyze said...

I'm with you. I visit family when they're baking and entertain the kids. It's much easier than baking myself! :)

Regina Carlysle said...

Ooooh. Love those Crocs. I'm planning to pick up some fuzzies too. My family will laugh their asses off at me but do I care???? Hell no!

The more I hear about KYA, the more I think she is your twin or something.