Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mind Bounce

There’s a new trend beginning which I’m sure all of you will want in on. What is it you ask? Room service tattoos. Yup, that’s right, tattoos done by an in-house ink staff that can be ordered ala carte.

It’s called the Ink & Stay package at the Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach, CA. Deals begin at $399 and include a $100 tattoo voucher, Lubriderm lotion, an ice pack and a bottle of tequila. If, on the off chance, you love it there so much and want the whole world to know, the hotel will give you $500 for sporting an “I Heart Hotel Erwin” tat.

A resurgence you might be interested in is that of drop drinks. Currently popular at the Fire Escape Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights, CA are the classic Reverse Irish Car Bomb, Guinness and Baileys dropped into Jameson which I would probably like, Mexican Sweat, a shot of habanera pepper sauce with a shot of tequila and lime, and the Flaming Jäger Bomb, a shot of burning Jägermeister dropped into a pint of Red Bull. Drop drinks aren’t just for college students anymore!

Did you know November has been rechristened Movember? To raise awareness of prostrate cancer there’s a worldwide movement raising funds for research by sponsoring mustache growth. It’s set up similar to walk-a-thons and has parties and everything. To find out more, go to movember.com

There. How’s that for a bunch of non sequiturs?


Anny Cook said...

Good grief! Where do you find this stuff? I do believe you have a different computer system than me... or a different internet.

Regina Carlysle said...

Bizarre. Of course, the notion of getting a tatt makes me shudder. Looks so painful! I would definitely NEED that tequila.

The Middle Child said...

Hmm... a bunch of guys I know at school celebrate "No Shave November." Not even for prostate cancer awareness. Just because. Perhaps I shall inform them about Movember and convince them to partake.