Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Need Your Help

This morning on my way to work I bopped into my local WaWa as I often do, for some chai. I got my cup carrier. I got my hot thingys for on my cups. I got my cups. I always pick some up for my office mate too. Put the thingys on the cups. Put the cups with the thingys in the carrier. All set.

Only when I turned around to fill the cups I discovered that chai was not one of the options. Must be a mistake. I’m not fully awake so I looked again. Nope, still missing so I asked the lady who’s always lurking to make more coffee, wipe up spills, whatever and she informed me that they no longer offer it.

No!!! After gaping in shock for longer than she was comfortable with I handed her my cup carrier complete with empty cups all set up with hot thingys, gave her what I’m sure was the most pathetic look she’d seen in years and left.

I pouted at work for an hour, my co-worker with me after I told her we wouldn’t be having any more chai since the only Starbucks has absolutely no parking. Then I got annoyed and decided to call WaWa to ask why. I know, I know. You can’t believe me of all people would ever want to know why, can you?

I spoke to the manager, Joe was his name. He apologized and even sounded somewhat sincere for ruining my morning. He extended an open invitation for me to stop by and share a complimentary cappuccino with him. Nice touch even though I’d already explained I do not drink coffee. What he did do that was useful, and this is where you come in, is give me the corporate number. It’s not just my WaWa that eliminated chai from their selection, it’s all WaWas. My new buddy, Joe, recommended I contact the main customer service and register my displeasure because only with enough complaints will the reverse their decision.

Of course I called. Spoke to Malcolm after being on hold for less than a minute. He was pleasant and so was I. I pointed out that to coffee drinkers one flavor more or less won’t make much difference when they have over two dozen to choose from but to chai drinkers it will when they only have one to begin with.

I don’t know how many of you read J.J. Hebert’s Platform of Self-Importance but he’s declared October Pay It Forward month. If you’d like to do something nice for someone, please help me get chai back into WaWa. It really only takes a minute to call and it’s a toll free number so it doesn’t cost you anything. The number is 1-800-444-9292. If you call, go visit J.J’s blog and leave a comment. He’ll be so proud of you and I’ll be very happy when I can have my morning chai again.


Saroya said...

try Seattles Market Spice tea, caffine or no, it will put chai to shame..

but I do drink chai, even though it is mild

Regina Carlysle said...

I'm a big coffee drinker but I love chai too. Thing is there are some people who love tea or chai and hate coffee with a passion. You should have a choice.

BTW...what is WaWa?

barbara huffert said...

A mini-market chain that's on every fourth corner. I guess it's only in the northeast.

Anita Birt said...

What is chai? In India it means tea but what kind of special tea is chai? I have nerves of steel and drink tea and coffee at any hour of the day and night. So tell me about Chai.

barbara huffert said...

You would like it, Anita. Strong spiced tea, honey and milk.

Amarinda Jones said...

I don't get the whole chai thing - always semed a little precious to me

barbara huffert said...

AJ, chai is the tea drinkers' version of cappuccino. Silly fluff but I like it and I want it back.

Amarinda Jones said...

That you want it is reason enough for it to come back to you. Speak to the Wolf