Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Cosmic Reminder

Last night Harry and I went out to sit on the porch to watch it rain. I was feeling a little mopey because someone I believed to be a friend showed his true colors. He is not to be trusted. His insanity is not the good kind. How disappointing.

Patches of sky lightened, though it still rained. Blindly watching the ridge, I saw first one, then a second rainbow form.

Years ago there was a woman I worked with, SP. We talked often about pretty much anything. One day, we were heading home, her walking because she lived just up the street, me driving across town. We ended up at the same corner just in time to see a double rainbow over the mountain on the other side of Reading, the same one my porch faces. We smiled to acknowledge we'd seen it together. The next day we were discussing it and discovered that seeing the rainbows filled us both with a sense of peace and hope. A world that can create something so beautiful out of a little moisture and light can't be all bad.

Soon after that she moved away. We kept in touch only sporadically but every conversation started where the last had ended no matter how much time had lapsed. During one, she told me she had cancer. After that we talked more frequently, the last time just days before she died. That was when she brought up the rainbows and told me when I saw one it would be her saying hello.

So I sat there last evening in the presence of such beauty and had to smile. My friend, SP, was with me. She had been a very independent woman who would have kicked my butt for wasting a moment's worry on a second-rate poser who wasn't worthy of me to begin with. And she would have been right to do so. I am better than that. I do deserve more. I should be treated with respect and kindness and genuine affection, not taken for granted and used when convenient. She would have urged me to hold out for someone really, really good who matches me in all the right ways and to stop selling myself short. She would have reminded me that although it would be nice to have a man in my life it's not essential because I am more than capable and perfectly fine on my own. Yep, all the same things another friend said on Sunday after I ended up rambling at her - thank you again. I think SP decided I needed an extra push to help me listen, thus the rainbows.

Thanks for stopping by, SP. I've missed you. Come back soon.

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Anny Cook said...

Yep, occasionally, we need a well-placed kick to set us back on the straight and narrow.

Amarinda Jones said...

I am a great believer in signs. It's great to have confirmation from your friend. Lucky you