Saturday, June 14, 2008

How I Woke Up Today

I sensed his presence on my pillow even before I was fully awake. The warmth under my cheek told me he'd stayed right as he'd been when I drifted off to sleep. I could tell he was waking when I felt a change in the soft puffs of his breath against my face. Slowly, I stirred, opening my eyes to meet a gaze as blue as the early summer sky. I smiled, happy simply because he was there.

Okay now calm down. You haven't missed anything, like me going out and meeting some ruggedly handsome stranger that I decided to invite into my life. I'm just messing with you as I get warmed up to write this afternoon. Who am I referring to? Why Mouse, of course!

I took my car to have the headlight fixed earlier. Or so I thought when I made the appointment. As it turns out, today was just the preliminary check-up to determine what was required and to provide an estimate. They need to order the part after having my approval for the expense. So now I get to waste part of my Friday off next week to return and sit there yet again while paying them $450 for the privilege of doing so. I'm now debating whether to go through insurance or not. If I do my rates will increase since they've already warned me that would happen with the next occurrence. I live in a high risk area. That means even though I park legally out front of my house, the idiots who leave the bar and then play bumper cars in the street are causing me all sorts of continued aggravation.

There's a free preview of all the movie channels this weekend. Oh goody, 32 more channels of nothing to watch. That's not entirely true. Currently, I'm watching Miss Potter, a biography about Beatrix Potter and the obstacles she faced in being published. She viewed the animals in her illustrations as her friends and to her, they were. In her mind, she saw them come to life within her stories. Her mother constantly nagged her on her unmarried state and the nonsense of doing something so frivolous as writing books. Hm, except for her subject matter she wasn't so different, was she?

If you look to the right, you'll see the cover for the Lust Bites Anthology Volume 3. It contains Beyond Meddling and will be in print this July as part of the Total-E-Bound anniversary celebration.

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Amarinda Jones said...

Good to see you are going into print again with TEB

If I felt someone's breath on my face in the morning I would go instantly into kung fu mode

I would not do it on insurance - it ain't worth it