Sunday, June 8, 2008

One of Those Days

I went on a local garden tour with my mother today. Six weeks ago when she asked if I was interested it sounded like a good idea. It was arranged to benefit the community library and had locations all around the local university town which is only about 20 minutes away so why not? Two reasons.

Reason one - It was 99 today in the shade of which most gardens had very little. Remember, I'm the girl who dies in the heat. I had half a migraine when I woke up this morning. But I said I'd go so I went.

Reason two - I already spent Thursday with my mother. Twice in one week is too much for us. One of the town yards was all garden and had no remaining grass. The one right after that belonged to someone who works with my brother. She's in the process of doing the same thing. My mom introduced herself, mumbled something about me and then went on and on about how lovely the yard was, including a discussion of the last full yard garden as well. After a few minutes the woman asked a question that made it clear she was trying to figure out just who I was. So I told her. Yes, much to my mother's horror, I explained that I was the black sheep of the family that no one talked about because I write "those" books after which I handed out bookmarks to the now small group of people who either also work with my brother or are known to my mother through her gardening. Then I mentioned that my yard has no grass and all flowers, something she failed to comment on all day. Yeah, I'm sure I used up my bitch quota with my family today but I think it was more than justified.

A side note here - the various gardens were each pretty in their own way and it was interesting to see what some people managed to do with small spaces so overall I am not sorry I went. And it was for such a good cause since I feel that anything that promotes reading is worth it.

You'll be very proud of me. This morning, at 2 AM, I installed my bedroom air conditioner all by myself. I was planning on asking my neighbor's muscular son to help today since the window no longer stays up on it's own and it's better with one person holding it while the other maneuvers the air conditioner but it didn't work out that way. I attempted to sleep of the sofa since the downstairs air conditioner stays in the window but Mouse had other ideas on that one. It's amazing how much space a little cat can take up when he spreads out. Anyway, I envisioned either the air conditioner falling inside, breaking my foot as the window crashed onto my head or falling outside, smashing through the cellar door. I was very pleased when neither happened. Also it was extremely nice to push the button and have cold air pour out as expected.

Back to work tomorrow. It's going to be a very tough week. The weather isn't supposed to break any time soon so I'm dreading it.


Amarinda Jones said...

Family huh? What can you do with them? Good for you telling it like it was.

How good are you putting in an air con unit by yourself? Men? Who needs 'em...ok..yes, I know why we need's a rhetorical question.

I am happy to swap your heat for our winter. Please advise on the trade and I will ask out Prime Minister, Kevin, to call George and arrange it

Anny Cook said...

Loooooove flower gardens. My last yard was all garden. Hard to do that on an apartment balcony.

I'm proud of you for spreading the good word about your books! Excellent! Family is just strange sometimes!

See. We are woman. We can do just about anything!

Ashley Ladd said...

I've been dying at my dad's house this week. He keeps his house closed and doesn't turn on the AC. I can hardly get to sleep - it takes me hours.

Molly Daniels said...

I guess I'm the strange one. We have the window a/c, fans blowing in the brms and in the living room. I get cold indoors, so I go down to the basement where it is just the right temp...if I have the dryer on!

I bundle up in sweats in the house and shed them when I go outdoors. If we go out to eat, I always take a sweatshirt because of the 'freeze-out' temp inside the place! I just can't find that happy medium temperature...unless the power goes out and I get to wear my tank tops and shorts...but then everyone else complains about the heat.

Isn't that what we do best; embarass our families? Of course, when the checks arrive, or fans gush in their presence, they are proud of us:)