Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Mostly Good Day

Only half a day of work and then I was off for the bike race. But first, lunch with my mom. Along the way we bumped into old friends that I haven't seen in almost two years who we then discovered again at the same restaurant as we were leaving. Too bad we didn't know or their plans or they could have joined us.

We got to our spot along the race route just as the first lap went by. Sorry the picture isn't better but it was taken with my phone. I always take my radio so I know what's going on the rest of the course. As the announcers switched from location to location I was pleased to hear plenty of cheering in the background. Hopefully there was enough support that the organizers will extend the commitment and keep the event in Reading. If so next year I'll either be on the steep hill or at the start/finish line.

Though I spent the day in the shade and the sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds I still managed to turn a nice shade of pink. Ah the hazards of being extremely pale with an aversion to heat.

After the race I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from a different old friend. This one is someone I've seen recently and who has been going through some tough times. I've been a tad concerned so I was very glad to hear things are back on track. A different track than before but one that seems to be much better for him. Seeing him relaxed and smiling has me doing the same.

Now for the part that detracted from my day. My Penguins season ended last night. They were thiiiiis close to scoring in the final seconds of the game which would have forced overtime but Dakota's Red Wings prevailed. Congrats D. We'll get you next year. Actually, I blame J for jinxing them during the first game of the series. He's the Flyers fan I mentioned before and I don't think he handled their loss to my Pens at all well. I think he figures if his team didn't get to win mine shouldn't either. Sorry for stirring him up, L but I know he's gloating. Thought I better remind him who just knocked his team out!

Back to the good stuff...I'm off tomorrow too so my weekend is already underway. Hope yours arrives soon.


Amarinda Jones said...

Oh no!!! The Penguins are out? I am most upset. It's not fair, I demand a recount, sack the that enough angst to show I care?

Dakota Rebel said...

Every single person in Detroit is sighing with heavy relief that the game ended when it did. We are ALL aware that had there been another 30 seconds on the clock the Pens would have tied it up again. And possibly won in overtime.

It was a good series and I tip my hat to your boys. Crosby played like wildfire. But Lindstrom is the man. :)

Have a fun weekend.

Dakota Rebel

Kelly Kirch said...

Sunburned huh? that sucks. My daughter came back from her fieldtrip to the local pool a whole new color of red I haven't seen before. If it's possible to get skin cancer in one shot, I'd say she nailed it. Ack.

Molly Daniels said...

Stay cool Barb!