Monday, June 9, 2008

Have I Mentioned...

...that I hate summer? It’s only June and we’re already in the midst of a heat wave. Technically that means there have been 3 days over 90. A heat storm, which I suspect we’re having, is when the temperature is over 100 for 3 days. Factor in the dew point and the heat index is even higher. All I know is that it’s too hot to breathe out there today and is predicted to be even worse tomorrow.

The national weather service has been issuing heat advisories. They instruct you to check on the elderly and infirm, not to leave children or pets in the car, don’t leave pets outside to bake in the sun, especially without water. You know, basic common sense things. Sad isn’t it, that people need to be officially reminded?

I’d like to add something to the list that should also go without saying. Don’t put infants in a cool tub and then go outside to mow the grass. Yes, someone in this area actually did that and was then surprised to discover that the baby had drowned when he went back in later. This happened years and years ago and it still horrifies me.

Another thing that comes with summer are storms. Personally, I love thunderstorms. They’re predicted for tomorrow night but it’s not supposed to help significantly. Once when we had a rare tornado, I followed it, just to see. I hate that they kill people and do so much irreparable damage but still, they hold a certain fascination. There’s nothing that looks quite like a swath cut through a stand of trees by a tornado.

I have a screened in porch that faces the mountain behind Reading. I love to sit out on it and watch the lightening playing on the hill. It’ll start at one end and slowly move across the entire distance of about 15 miles before it disappears over the other end. With the way my house is angled I am rarely forced inside because of weather. The one exception to that was when the house across the alley from mine was struck by lightening. As much as I love storms, that was a little close, even for me.


Sandra Cox said...

I love to watch the storms too. We've got a screened in porch I go to. My bud in VA said there temp yesterday hit 101. Ouch!

J.J. Hebert said...

I wouldn't mind a storm right about now.

Amarinda Jones said...

I have offred to take summer off your hands but you have not responded to me generosity to switch seasons

And I adore storms - the louder the better

barbara huffert said...

And I am most remiss to delay. Yes please, let's switch. How about right now?

Kelly Kirch said...

I'm a storm junkie too. Love to watch the tree sway and rain hit sideways.

I prefer cooler climates. And as to leaving ANYTHING in a car even in mild temp days....ARHRHRHRHAAGGGGGG!!

Makes me rage.