Monday, June 2, 2008

Today's Rant

Ever get the feeling that you’re back in kindergarten? “You took my favorite toy.” “You stole my best friend.” “Your half of the sandwich is bigger than mine.” All said, of course, in the whiniest voice imaginable. My thoughts when I heard these? Grow up and get over it already. We’re supposed to be adults here. How do kids stand a chance of learning by example when this is what they have to observe?

I miss the days when you could verbally reprimand someone else’s child without fear of retribution. I was out and about at lunch and saw a little boy, no older than five, heave a handful of rocks at a turtledove. Why? I asked and was told the dove was trying to take his toy. Um, no, the dove was pecking around in the grass as birds do and could care less about the hateful little monster’s toys.

In general I adore windy days. Except when it’s also trash day. Why, when the trashcan has a lid, can’t people manage to put it on securely so the trash doesn’t end up everywhere but where it belongs? And then why, when the trash is all over the place, can’t the owner, who knows darn well it’s his trash, go out and pick it up? Also, why can’t people be bothered to retrieve their empty trashcans after the truck has gone by? They leave them sit for days, to be blown all over everywhere, usually where I’m driving. Somehow though, I’m certain they would be right out there accusing me of attempting to steal their precious trashcan if I stopped to put it back on the curb.

Okay, enough for one day. I’ll try to be more interesting tomorrow.


Amarinda Jones said...

Kids...little er, darlings...

You like windy days? Why? And you would be pleased to know I wheel my bin in once empty. And you're right - people seem to have this black out when it comes to picking up their rubbish because once out on the street it's not their problem is it?

barbara huffert said...

Windy days mean the world's alive and moving. Still days feel like it's stagnating, waiting to fester. The exception is a still day with a blanket of fresh snow when everything is pure and there's a hush, like the world was just renewed.

Kelly Kirch said...

Hence why I don't teach. That was my degree but after student teaching and seeing just how limited I was, yet still expected to bring up other people's brats, I cashed it in. Are you kidding? I have my own to think about. I'm not getting after your kids cause you can't be bothered. No thanks