Friday, June 20, 2008

My Day

Today was chore day for my car. I had the day off for a different reason originally but plans changed and I was free to do some necessary though unexciting things.

I started the day having the chips in my windshield repaired. One was beginning to crack so I thought it best to take care of it before I needed the whole thing replaced. A man in average, everyday shorts showed up at the appointed time in an unmarked van. He was carrying a towel and a small, black, zippered bag that turned out to contain a nifty gizmo that managed to make my windshield look brand new. How? First, he drilled a tiny whole to expand the chip. Then he positioned the gizmo to hold some gunk over the spot. It was a sort of resin stuff that ate up the air that worked it's way into the center of the windshield through the chip. Using an ultraviolet light, the schmutz was cured, forming a clear seal which the guy then used a razor blade to even out so you can't even feel it's there. A few seconds of polishing and he was all finished.

Of course I hung out and chatted while he worked. The man himself is a drummer for various bands, including a very popular dixieland band who is playing in a local park tomorrow. Too bad I won't be home or I'd go. But I may have the chance to see them at the bar on the corner since he was busy checking it out as we talked. Pretty cool if that works out...great music in my own block at a place with tasty food and luscious beverages. Want to join me?

My next objective was my headlight. Mission accomplished at $14 less than the estimate. Woo hoo! As I waited, I saw one of the salesmen looking over my car while the mechanic replaced my light. I'm expecting another letter like the others I've gotten after every trip to the dealer, telling me how much they'd like to have my car on their used lot and that they have the perfect upgrade for me. Sure, no problem. Make it an even trade and I'm in.

Since I accomplished such useful things, I rewarded myself with an excursion to the Port Clinton Hotel. If you ever go to the Cabelas in Hamburg, it's only a few minutes away and I'd recommend it for a touch of local color. It's not the fanciest place but the food was great and today's company even better. I went with a few former coworkers, the ones I've stayed in touch with. I met them where I used to work and was a few minutes early so I went inside to say hi. Weird, I spent almost 23 years of my life going there five days a week and I can honestly say I don't miss it one bit. A few of the people, the ones I still see, yes but overall, not so much. If I hadn't already thanked my former boss for the deal he made that got me out of there I'd go back and do that next week.

So what are your plans for the weekend?


Amarinda Jones said...

well, let's see...just have a flat tire repaired...many $$ later and time lost I will now go back to house cleaning and try and do some writing. Today, Saturday is the shortest day of the year...not frigging right-should be on a work day

Molly Daniels said...

Catching up on email, blogs, and doing what errands I can before my transportation disappears again Monday:)

Anny Cook said...

Saturday. Already three o'clock. Wrote a bit. Might vacuum the floor. Might read some.

Kelly Kirch said...

You might have had the windshield repair for free if you'd accidentally flashed him like those other guys. Whatdoyathink?

barbara huffert said...

Haha Kelly. Should have flashed the headlight guy instead. That cost a whole lot more. Remind me to tell you my stripping story sometime soon.