Monday, June 22, 2009

And You Drink This Stuff

Here’s a list of alternative uses for Coke I found and thought you soda drinkers needed to see.

1. Barbecue sauce – mix 1 cup Coke with 1 cup ketchup and heat until thick.
2. Clean greasy fingerprints from sunglasses. The citric acid in Coke loosens grime and grease.
3. Turn wilted grass green faster – mix 1 cup Coke, 1 cup ammonia and ¼ cup dish soap. Shake well and use a spray bottle to spritz it on the faded spot in your lawn. The high levels of carbon dioxide in conjunction with sugar and water nourish the grass.
4. Pour 1-liter of Coke that’s gone flat into your compost heap to give it a boost.
5. Remove bloodstains from clothing by dousing with Coke and letting sit for 5 minutes before laundering.
6. Pest proof gardens. Pour Coke into shallow plates to draw creepy-crawlies with the sugar. The acid content will then poison them.
7. Make skunk odor disappear from pets who have been sprayed. Caution – use only on dark colored pets. Coke stains light fur.
8. Clean corrosion from car battery terminals by pouring it on, letting it sit for 15 minutes and then brushing off. The fizzing bubble and acid eat away at the gunk. Be sure to disconnect the cables first.
9. Keep drains running smoothly. Empty a 2-liter bottle down a pesky drain, let sit for 1 hour and then run hot water for 1 minute to flush. Again, bubble and acid clean gunk.
10. Soothe a jellyfish sting. Pour Coke over the area and it will deactivate and stingers left inside, preventing further injection of venom.


Regina Carlysle said...

I didn't know ANY of this stuff. Oh wait..I've heard about the bar-b-que sauce. I probably need to try that. This is so interesting.

the middle child said...

Somehow number 5 makes no sense to me. Use Coke to remove blood stains from clothes. But then don't you have a Coke stain in its place which could be just as hard to remove? otherwise, very interesting.

barbara huffert said...

I wondered about that as well since it will stain lightly colored animal fur.

Anny Cook said...

The house hunk used coke to clean our burned burners from the kitchen stove. Put burners in coke, soak overnight, scrub loosened gunk with scrubbie. Rinse. Our burners are now bright and shiny.