Saturday, June 6, 2009

Out for Lunch

As I was driving down 5th Street today I noticed a baseball rolling along beside me. It was in the left turn lane. I wonder where it was going.

I had lunch with Neeley and Riley today. Completely unplanned. I was already out and about when I got a text from Neeley saying she happened to be in town for the weekend if I wanted to get together. I was hungry so I suggested lunch at Ronie’s. Yep, she had time and would bring mom with her. They’re the best!

Ronie’s, if you’ve never been there, is an experience. I know I’ve rambled about it before so I’ll spare you. I highly recommend it at least once in your life. Tell Ronie your mine and perhaps he’ll even decide to serve you.

We had a great visit. As expected Ronie wasn’t about to let us leave without some urging. Yeah, he holds those he likes captive by never taking your money. I always need to ask specifically to be permitted to pay even though he’s wandered by the cash I put out several times, deliberately ignoring it. In a way it’s kind of nice, having a place that’s so much like home they don’t want you to leave. Today I only had to ask once. In the past, there have been occasions when I’ve needed to make my request several times. I miss hanging out there. If only he had a wireless hook up. Then I could say hi directly from there. May have to talk to him about that one.

What did you do today?

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Ashley Ladd said...

I spent a few hours at the library trying to do research. DD#2 texted me every minute or two and then wanted a ride home. We rented a movie after that and spent a lazy Saturday watching that and the rain outside the window.