Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Friend?

Last night as I was putting things in place before heading to bed I heard a cat chirping. It didn’t sound like any of my boys and none of them were in sight so I went to investigate.

I found them clustered around the dining room window, Harry and Quinn on the sill, Bixby on the floor looking like he was about to join them. They were all quiet so I peeked out. There, on the ledge looking in, was a huge tan and black tiger cat. He’s the one who was doing all the talking. I don’t know what he was saying but my boys didn’t seem particularly upset by his being there which surprised me. They were much more interested than agitated.

He wasn’t at all intimidated by my presence. In fact, I spoke to him and he chirped in response. I’ve seen him a few times from a distance when I was out in the yard but he’s never meandered over to see me. I wonder if he will, now that he’s introduced himself.

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