Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sorry. Time for a rant. No, wait. I’m not sorry.

What is it with people who use either all capital letters or all lower case ones in emails? Haven’t you figured out how to work even the basics of your computers? Or are you just so lazy you can’t be bothered? Hmm, perhaps you think it’s cute. Well, let me tell you something. Unless you’re a four year old girl, it isn’t. Be an adult. Use the shift key. Use punctuation. Spell out words fully. Don’t write lol unless you feel something is honestly amusing enough to make me laugh for real.

If someone sends me an email to get my attention and ignores all of the above they’ll have it all right. Not, however, in the way I suspect they want. In fact, the next time I get an email from them I may just not bother opening it. If they can’t show me you put at least minimal thought into contacting me, as in capitalizing the first letter of my name, then why should I be interested in anything about them? Let me just say, I’m worth a hell of a lot more than that and no, I am not being conceited in saying so. Why? Simply because we all are.

A little respect and courtesy here people. That’s all I’m asking for. Give me some and you can expect the same in return. Otherwise you may as well go away right now because you will never be anything more than an aggravation to me. Come on, put some effort into leaving a decent impression of yourself.

That said, I will now qualify it. Once we’re friends and I know you’re not a complete idiot then yes, you can get away with lots. You can, if excited, forget the shift key exists. You can abbreviate things. Some of you might even be welcome to use a small “b” when writing my name but that is reserved for a select few and only those who truly understand what it signifies.

Got it?


Anny Cook said...

Got it.

Regina Carlysle said...

NO WRITING LAZY ASS EMAILS FOR ME. THEY LEARNED ME GOOD IN TEXAS. of course i could always revert to my style of writing as a first grader. oops never wrote this way in first grade either. yessiree they learn us good in texas

Amber Skyze said...

Well said!

Sandra Cox said...

I hope I fall in the friends category cause I'm afraid I break all the cardinal rules:)