Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Donald Duck made his debut 75 years ago today in the cartoon The Wise Little Hen.

We had the coolest storm this morning. Just the rain alone when it started was enough to send Quinn running. And then there was a good solid twenty minutes of the most spectacular thunder and lightning, the kind that rattled the house and sizzled. Poor kitty but it was over far too soon for me. There’s a chance of more tonight. Yay!

Speaking of sizzle, last night something, I suspect a major transformer went sizzle, snap, boom and then there was no power in my corner of the world. We used to have transformers blow about once a summer but generally not until the temperature was over a hundred for a few days straight so I don’t know what happened. That stopped when the bar on the corner had their own transformer installed. Last night they were without power too. You should have seen the people scurrying away from there. My solution – It was almost dark so I went to bed.

It’s migraine season here. Yesterday was very bad off and on. Today it’s back about half way. I could almost see, my fingers functioned enough that I could sort of write and I knew my name so I went to work. My personal rule has always been to try unless I'm nauseous. Hey, I have to. I might feel worse tomorrow.

Have I mentioned how much I hate summer?


Anny Cook said...

Wow! Feel better soon!

Kenzie Michaels said...

Aww sweetie...hugs and cold compresses.

Amber Skyze said...

I suffer from migraines too. Hope you feel better soon!

Ashley Ladd said...

We went from having a drought the past few months to having almost hurricane force rains every day for the past two days. Two days ago, a man was struck by lightning in my town, and he died. I thought I wanted rain, but now we're flooding.

Ashley Ladd said...

Also, hugs. I hope you're feeling better today. I get bad headaches although the doctor tells me they're not migrains.