Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scream Dreams

I woke up screaming again last night and only an hour after I’d gone to bed early because I wasn’t feeling well yesterday.

The same guy tried to catch me so he could kill me. This man has been around for a few years now. He’s getting closer to succeeding and more clever about it. In order for him to be around there have to be certain symbols visible. At first they had to be blatant. Like the time he tried to trap me within a house and they took the form of garden ornaments on stakes. If he’d gotten them all blocking the doors and windows I wouldn’t have been able to escape because touching them is poisonous to me.

The next close call he was wearing a polo shirt with the main symbol embroidered on it like an Izod alligator. I was in the apartment I often stay in within my dreams, second story this time. Yep, that changes randomly and no, it’s not an apartment I’ve ever seen. He scaled the side of the house and was coming in the kitchen window. I must have been expecting him because I’d sharpened the bottom edge of the screen so that when I slammed it, I chopped off the tips of his fingers. Then, as he was laying on the ground, screaming at me, I poured whatever was boiling on the stove out the window and on him. Wasn’t really that hot by the time it hit him since it didn’t scar. I’m sure it would have because he’s still missing his fingertips.

A few nights ago he managed to catch me and chain me to a post in the basement of a building that was being demolished. It was rigged to implode. I heard the charges start to go off, getting closer with each one, but I screamed myself awake before I was crushed so I escaped.

Last night I was walking somewhere dark. I thought I was safe even though I could hear him behind me since he can’t get me unless I see the symbols. Can’t do that in the dark so no problem, right? Um, nope. Wrong. I looked up and saw a billboard for a local store brand of ice cream, the same billboard I pass constantly because it honestly exists just a few blocks from my house. Only in the dream there was a symbol in the bottom corner. Now I’m afraid to drive by it for real. What if it’s now there too? What if he’s gotten out of my dreams and is really waiting for me?

I got away, again by screaming myself awake. Then I talked to my most amazing friend who has a tremendous knack for calming me down so I don’t slip right back into the dream. What I don’t know is what I did originally to make this man hate me so much that he’s determined to kill me. I’ve wondered at times, what happens if he ever succeeds. Will he then leave me alone? Oh I’m realistic. Dying won’t stop the dreams altogether. No, he’ll be replaced by some other nightmare, probably more terrifying than he is if past experience means anything.

Yeah, so much fun around here some nights. And why you should never be surprised to get an email from me obviously written in the wee hours because I have to make sure I’m fully awake or I step right back into it.

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Anny Cook said...

Yep, I get up and wander around the house, read a book, play a game... something to make sure I'm totally awake.