Friday, June 5, 2009

More Rain Please

I woke up during the night with Harry sleeping in the middle of my back. Not a big deal. There’s often a cat on top of a part of me. The problem this time, however, is that I had my arm twisted around in a weird way and Harry kept it trapped there. So today, it hurts like hell all by itself. Little things like shifting Howie, typing this, simply turning my wrist are enough to make me want to cry. And picking something up? Forget it.

It made walking in to work rather interesting since we had another perfectly gorgeous rainy day. Had I been going anywhere else I wouldn’t have attempted the umbrella. Normally I love to walk in the rain. I don’t mind being a little wet at all. But I really didn’t think it would go over well if I shorted out my computer because I was dripping on it.

As far as that goes the whole week has been very hard on me. It’s rained every day and for the most part, I’ve been stuck inside and unable to enjoy it. What a waste. Sometimes you just need to take a stroll in the rain. It soothes your soul. Well, it does mine anyway. Yep, could’ve used some soul soothing this week. And of course it's going to be sunny this weekend. Damn!

There are those that snicker at my collection of multi-colored crocs. I just added a pair that looks like tree bark. With a butterfly charm. Still don’t have any yellow ones though but do I need them since Howie is yellow? But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah. Something they don’t realize is that crocs are plastic and easily removed. That means I can kick my crocs off for a few minutes and both my feet and my shoes are dry while they sit around in soggy socks. Ha!

Okay, I’ve rambled enough. Time to shut up before I go somewhere I shouldn’t. Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

How are the Pens doing?

barbara huffert said...

The Stanley Cup finals are tied at 2 games apiece. Next game is tomorrow night in Detroit.

Smut Girl said...

i love the rain. i love to walk in it and listen to it when i'm falling asleep etc etc.

i love crocs, too, but look stupid in them. but i love that you have ones that look like bark!

yay for your exotika! yay for release day! yay! :)


Anny Cook said...

Love my crocs...

Ashley Ladd said...

I've never tried Crocs. Are they really that comfortable? I may have to get some.

barbara huffert said...

Crocs are like going barefoot only better because they're squishy. They cushion every step. I had someone recently describe them to me as wearing air.